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Yuki Kajiura - Sword Art Online Music Collection (4Cd) (Regular) (CD)


Sword Art Online Music Collection (4Cd) (Regular)
with OBI
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Item Specifics
Catalog # (SKU) :  SVWC-70116
Release Date. :  2016/01/27
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4534530089212
Label :  ANIPLEX
Number of Discs :  4
Edition :  Japan
Format :  CD
Regular edition.
<1>swordland<2>the first town<3>fight!<4>friendly feelings<5>a tender feeling<6>feel uneasy<7>welcome to this world<8>he rules us<9>death game<10>stand at bay<11>a close battle<12>at our parting<13>weird place<14>quiet strain<15>a tense situation<16>taut nerves<17>a strategy meeting<18>march down<19>gracefully<20>left in suspense<21>luminous sword<22>confront battle<23>in your past<24>a tiny love<25>everyday life<26>at our parting ~piano only<27>despaired<28>a squabble<29>smile for me<30>at nightfall<31>survive the swordland<32>no way<33>a narrow escape<34>with my friend<35>a tiny love ~harp only<36>we have to defeat it<37>friendly feelings ~piano only<38>critical phase<39>at our parting ~Vc only<1>swordland ~to be continued<2>is this love?<3>she is still sleeping<4>Oberon<5>climbing up the world tree<6>a new world of fairies<7>Yui<8>in time of peace<9>last flight<10>aerial fight<11>got to win<12>fly, if you can<13>town in the morning<14>in the cage<15>I wonder<16>is this

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