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Maurizio Pollini, Piano - Chopin :Polonaises (Last Press 1989 At Polygram Hannover) (Vinyl)


Chopin :Polonaises (Last Press 1989 At Polygram Hannover)
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Item Specifics
Catalog # (SKU) :  DGG-2530659
Release Date. :  1989/03/28
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4940603011170
Number of Discs :  1
Edition :  Imports
Format :  Vinyl
[PERSONNEL] Maurizio Pollini(p), Deutsche Grammophon, Made in Germany. Recording Engineer: Klaus Hiemann. Stereo Recording. 1976 Polydor(330659, LC0173, 2530659)[The most significant vinyl final pressed at the factory boasting the world’s highest technology POLYGRAM Hannover 1989 with special protect thick vinyl case.]
Side A) 1.Op.26, No.1 2.Op.26, No.2 3.Op.40, No.1 4.Op.40, No.2 Side B) 1.Op.44 2.Op.53 3.Op.61

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