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AUDIO DIARY 2014-2018
with OBI
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Catalog # (SKU) :  IEZP-126
Release Date. :  2019/10/23
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4582213919653
Lable :  WOWOW
Number of Discs :  5
Edition :  Japan
Format :  CD
(5 HQCD) / Compilation live album from KING CRIMSON. Recorded on 2014-2018 tours. Japan edition only releasing on HQCD.
<DISC 1/2014>
1. Hoodoo (Sept. 9th/Albany)
2. Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Part One (Sept. 18th/New York)
3. A Scarcity Of Miracles (Sept. 19th/New York)
4. Level Five (Sept. 20th/New York)
5. One More Red Nightmare (Sept. 27th/Chicago)
6. Interlude (Sept. 30th/New York)
7. Banshee Legs Bell Hassle (Oct. 3rd/San Francisco)
8. The Talking Drum (Oct. 1st/Los Angeles)
9. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Oct. 4th/San Francisco)
10. The Light Of Day (Oct. 6th/Seattle)
<DISC 2/2015>
1. Radical Action I / Meltdown (Sept. 3/Cardiff)
2. Interlude (Sept. 5/Brighton)
3. Sailor’s Tale (Sept. 7/London)
4. The Letters (Sept. 8/London)
5. The Court Of The Crimson King (Sept. 11/Manchester)
6. Starless (Sept. 14/Birmingham)
7. Easy Money (Sept. 15/Birmingham)
8. Pictures Of A City (Sept. 22/Paris)
9. Suitable Grounds For The Blues (Nov. 17/Montreal)
10. The Construkction Of Light (Nov. 27/Vancouver)
11. Level Five (Nov. 29/Victoria)
<DISC 3/2016>
1. Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Part Two (Sept. 12/Berlin)
2. Epitaph (Sept. 15/Prague)
3. Devil Dogs Of Tessellation Row (Sept. 17/Zabrze)
4. Red (Sept. 23/Copenhagen)
5. Banshee Legs Bell Hassle (Oct. 1/Stockholm)
6. Cirkus (Oct. 3/Hamburg)
7. Radical Action II (Nov. 3/Antwerp)
8. Pictures Of A City (Nov. 5/Milano)
9. Peace (Nov. 6/Milano)
10. Larks’ Tongues In Aspic, Part One (Nov. 9/Florence)
11. Easy Money (Dec. 3/Paris)
12. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Dec. 4/Paris)
<DISC 4/2017>
1. Cirkus (June 11/Seattle)
2. Starless (June 12/Seattle)
3. The Letters (June 26/Minneapolis)
4. Heroes (July 5/Toronto)
5. Interlude (July 9/Red Bank) 6. Last Skirmish (July 18/Mexico City)
7. Indiscipline (Oct. 24/Atlanta)
8. Dawn Song (Nov. 8/Albany)
9. Prince Rupert’s Lament (Nov. 9/Albany)
10. The Errors (Nov. 13/Long Island)
11. Fallen Angel (Nov. 20/Greensburg)
12. Neurotica (Nov. 22/Ann Arbor)
13. Islands (Nov. 26/Milwaukee)
<DISC 5/2018>
1. The Court of the Crimson King (June 16/Krakow)
2. Suitable Grounds For The Blues (June 21/Essen)
3. Pictures Of A City (July 1/Berlin)
4. Meltdown (July 5/Stockholm)
5. Bolero (July 19/Pompeii)
6. Radical Action (July 23/Rome)
7. One More red Nightmare (Nov. 7/Nottingham)
8. Moonchlid (Nov. 10/Liverpool)
9. Easy Money (Nov. 29/Tokyo)
10. Level Five (Nov. 30/Tokyo)
11. Peace (Dec. 12/Fukuoka)
12. Cadence And Cascade (Dec. 14/Hiroshima)
13. Breathless (Dec. 19/Tokyo)