John Eliot Gardiner - Britten: War Requiem (CD)


Britten: War Requiem
with OBI
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Item Specifics
Catalog # (SKU) :  UCCG-52194
Release Date. :  2019/07/24
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4988031334089
Number of Discs :  2
Edition :  Japan
Format :  CD
(2 SHM-CD)(reissue) / Reissue album from JOHN ELIOT GARDINER. Releasing on SHM-CD. Recorded on Aug. 1992 in Lubeck.
<Disc 1>
1.War Requiem. Op.66 1.requiem Aeternam `requiem Aeternam` `te Decet Hymnus. Deus In Sion`
2.War Requiem. Op.66 1.requiem Aeternam `what Passing-bells For These Who Die As Cattle?` `kyrie
3.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `dies Irae. Dies Illa`
4.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `bugles Sang. Saddening The Evening Air`
5.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `liber Scriptus Proferetur`
6.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `out There. We`ve Walked Quite Friendly Up To Death`
7.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `recordare. Jesu Pie`
8.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `be Slowly Lifted Up. Thou Long Black Arm`
9.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `dies Irae`
10.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `lacrimosa Dies Illa`
11.War Requiem. Op.66 2.dies Irae `move Him` `lacrimosa Dies Illa`
12.War Requiem. Op.66 3.offertorium `domine Jesu Christe. Rex Gloriae` `sed Signifer Sanctus Michael`
13.War Requiem. Op.66 3.offertorium `so Abram Rose. And Clave The Wood` `hostias Et Preces Tibi Domine

<Disc 2>
1.War Requiem. Op.66 4.sanctus `sanctus. Sanctus. Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth`
2.War Requiem. Op.66 4.sanctus `after The Blast Of Lightning From The East`
3.War Requiem. Op.66 5.agnus Dei `one Ever Hangs Where Shelled Roads Part` `agnus Dei`
4.War Requiem. Op.66 6.libera Me `libera Me. Domine`
5.War Requiem. Op.66 6.libera Me `it Seemed That Out Of Battle I Escaped`
6.War Requiem. Op.66 6.libera Me `let Us Sleep Now` `in Paradisum Deducant Te Angeli`

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