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Joe Hisaishi - My Neighbour Totoro : Image Album [Vinyl LP] (Studio Ghibli) (Vinyl)


My Neighbour Totoro : Image Album [Vinyl LP] (Studio Ghibli)
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Item Specifics
Catalog # (SKU) :  TJJA-10014
Release Date. :  2020/03/25
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4988008086010
Number of Discs :  1
Edition :  Japan
Format :  Vinyl
Joe Hisaishi
Image album created with the concept of “making songs which children really want and can sing out loud with their mouth widely opened.” Including 10 songs + 1 instrumental. Song : Azumi Inoue, Joe Hisaishi, Kumiko Mori, Taku Kitahara, Suginami Junior Chorus. With 16 pages of all the melody scores.
Side A
1. My Neighbor Totoro (Inoue Azumi)
2. Road of the Wind (Suginami Children’s Choir)
3. Sanpo (Inoue Azumi ・ Suginami Children’s Choir)
4. My Name (Inoue Azumi)
5. Susumi (Suginami Children’s Choir)
6. Cat Bus (Kitahara Taku)

Side B
1. Wonderful Little Shitata (Momori Kumiko)
2. Mom (Inoue Azumi)
3. A Small Photo (Joe Hisaishi)
4. Dondo Festival (Azumi Inoue)
5. Road of the Wind (Instrumental)

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