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Joe Hisaishi - Mononoke Hime: Soundtrack (Vinyl)


Mononoke Hime: Soundtrack
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Item Specifics
Catalog # (SKU) :  TJJA-10025
Release Date. :  2020/07/22
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4988008087710
Number of Discs :  2
Edition :  Japan
Format :  Vinyl
(2 LP)(remaster) / 久石譲 / Remaster album of the animated film “Mononoke Hime”. Music by JOE HISAISHI. Release on LP for the first time. Originally released in 1997. Comes in new album cover art. Features remastered tracks.
1. The Legend Of Ashitaka (Ashitaka Sekki)
2. The Demon God (Tatari Gami)
3. The Journey To The West (Tabidachi - Nishi E -)
4. The Demon Power (Norowareta Chikara)
5. The Land Of The Impure (Edo)
6. The Encounter (Deai)
7. Kodamas (Kodamatachi)
8. The Forest Of The Gods (Kami No Mori)
9. Evening At The Ironworks (Yugure No Tataraba)
10. The Demon God II - The Lost Mountains (Tatarigami II - Ubawareta Yama -)
11. Lady Eboshi (Eboshi Gozen)
12. Tatara Women’s Work Song (Tatara Fumu Onnatachi - Eboshi Tatara Uta)
13. The Furies (Shura)
14. The Young Man From The East (Higashi Kara Kita Shonen)
15. Requiem (Requiem)
16. Will To Live (Ikiro)
17. San And Ashitaka In The Forest Of The Deer God (Shishigami No Mori No Futari)
18. Princess Mononoke - Theme Song Instrumental Version (Mononoke Hime)
19. Requiem II (Requiem II)
20. Princess Mononoke - With Vocals (Mononoke Hime Vocal)
21. The Battle Drums (Tatakai No Taiko)
22. The Battle In Front Of The Ironworks (Tatarabamae No Tatakai)
23. The Demon Power II (Norowareta Chikara II)
24. Requiem III (Requiem III)
25. The Retreat (Haiso)
26. The Demon God III (Tatarigami III)
27. Adagio Of Life And Death (Shi To Sei No Adagio)
28. The World Of The Dead (Yomi No Sekai)
29. The World Of The Dead II (Yomi No Sekai II)
30. Adagio Of Life And Death II (Shi To Sei No Adagio II)
31. Ashitaka And San (Ashitaka To San)
32. Princess Mononoke - Ending Theme Song With Vocals (Mononoke Hime Vocal)
33. The Legend Of Ashitaka - Ending Theme (Ashitaka Sekki Ending)

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