B’Z - Stars [Ltd.] (CD)


Stars [Ltd.]
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Item Specifics
Catalog # (SKU) :  BMCV-4023
Release Date. :  2023/07/12
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4580740633271
Number of Discs :  2
Edition :  Japan
Format :  CD
(CD SINGLE+DVD)(REGION-2) / First pressing edition. Long-awaited new album born in the 35th anniversary year of the band’s debut! STARS’, the 54th single in total, will be released on July 12 after 6 years since the last single! The album includes the title track, which symbolizes the commemorative year, ’Dark Rainbow,’ the theme song for the movie ’Confess Your Crimes,’ a new song ’Painkiller,’ and ’Kimi no nakade Odoritai 2023,’ a re-recording of the second single released in 1989. ’The songs we have made so far, the fans who have supported us since our debut, and what lies ahead as B’z as we continue to aim for somewhere else - all of this irreplaceable existence is ’STARS. B’z said this about the title of their upcoming nationwide tour <B’z LIVE-GYM Pleasure 2023 -STARS-> on stage at the Treasure Land 2023 event held in March of this year. We are looking forward to the new album, which will be the first Pleasure tour in five years, starting in June, and the new album, which will be the result of the 35 years since their debut and their continued efforts. The DVD on the limited first pressing includes studio live footage of three songs from the single performed live. The excitement of ’STARS’ grew even more spectacular as the TOKYO FM HALL was filled with excitement from the start of the shooting, and the winners of last year’s ’Present X’, a special offer for the linked application, participated as audience members!
    [DISC 1]   [CD]   
     1.     STARS      (00:03:55)     
     2.     DARK RAINBOW      (00:04:16)     
     3.     PAIN KILLER      (00:03:49)     
     4.     KIMI NO NAKA DE ODORITAI 2023      (00:03:25)     
    [DISC 2]   [CD]   
     1.     DARK RAINBOW          
     2.     KIMI NO NAKA DE ODORITAI 2023          
     3.     STARS          

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