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B’Z - B’Z The Best Xxv 1988-1998 (2CD) (+DVD) (Ltd.) (CD)


B’Z The Best Xxv 1988-1998 (2CD) (+DVD) (Ltd.)
with OBI
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Item Specifics
Catalog # (SKU) :  BMCV-8036
Release Date. :  2013/06/12
UPS/EAN/JAN :  4582283796420
Label : 
Number of Discs :  3
Edition :  Japan
Format :  CD
First pressing-only edition comes with a DVD and 2 CDs. The best album of B’z, including 28 tracks in the 2 CDs and 27 music videos in the DVD. Including the hit songs -BE THERE-, -Easy Come, Easy Go!-, -LADY NAVIGATION-, -ALONE-, etc. The DVD includes music videos -LADY・GO・ROUND -, -Easy Come, Easy Go! -, -BLOWIN’-, -ZERO-, etc.
<1>だからその手を離して<2>君の中で踊りたい<3>LADY-GO-ROUND<4>BE THERE<5>太陽のKomachi Angel<6>Easy Come, Easy Go!<7>愛しい人よGood Night...<8>LADY NAVIGATION<9>ALONE<10>BLOWIN’<11>ZERO<12>愛のままにわがままに 僕は君だけを傷つけない<13>裸足の女神<14>Don’t Leave Me<1>MOTEL<2>ねがい<3>love me, I love you<4>LOVE PHANTOM<5>ミエナイチカラ ~INVISIBLE ONE~<6>MOVE<7>Real Thing Shakes<8>FIREBALL<9>Calling<10>Liar! Liar!<11>さまよえる蒼い弾丸<12>HOME<13>HEAT<14>核心<1>だからその手を離して (MUSIC VIDEO)<2>君の中で踊りたい (MUSIC VIDEO)<3>LADY-GO-ROUND (MUSIC VIDEO)<4>BE THERE (MUSIC VIDEO)<5>太陽のKomachi Angel (MUSIC VIDEO)<6>Easy Come, Easy Go! (MUSIC VIDEO)<7>愛しい人よGood Night... (MUSIC VIDEO)<8>LADY NAVIGATION (MUSIC VIDEO)<9>ALONE (MUSIC VIDEO)<10>BLOWIN’ (MUSIC VIDEO)<11>ZERO (MUSIC VIDEO)<12>愛のままにわがままに 僕は君だけを傷つけない (MUSIC VIDEO)<13>裸足の女神 (MUSIC VIDEO)<14>Don’t Leave Me (MUSIC VIDEO)<15>MOTEL (MUSIC VIDEO)<16>ねがい (MUSIC VIDEO)<17>love m

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